BERN TO RUN? Sanders Suggests He May Launch Another Presidential Bid in 2024

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders left the door open to another potential run for the White House this week; saying he hasn’t “made a decision” on the subject.

“That’s a big — you know, I haven’t made that decision,” Sanders said on “CBS Mornings.” 

“Look, this is what I think. You can’t categorize everybody. You’re different than everybody, you know. We’re all different. We’ve got to look at the individual. But what I think we do, guys, is we look too much at race, at gender, at age. What does somebody stand for? What are their views? Do you agree with them?” Sanders said on CBS.  

“And obviously you want people who are competent, capable, have the energy — I mean, my god, to be president of the United States requires an enormous amount of energy — but I would say, first of all, take a look at what people stand for. And we don’t do that enough. We’re too much into personality.”