BELOW AVERAGE JOE: Biden’s Numbers Plummet, U.S. Going Wrong Direction

Biden continues to get pulverized in the polls.

Afghanistan. Inflation. COVID. It’s all starting to add up for President Joe Biden – and the numbers aren’t looking good. According to a recent Economist/YouGov poll, only 39% of Americans think Biden is doing a good job as President – a six-point drop from just a week ago.

“For the first time, a greater share of Americans disapprove (45%) of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic than approve (42%). This week, just 40% approve of the president’s handling of jobs and the economy, while 47% disapprove. In previous weeks, more usually have approved than have disapproved,” YouGov America reports.

“Only 16% of American adults now think the economy is improving, while nearly three times as many, 44%, say it is getting worse..In May and for part of June, more people said the economy was improving than worsening. No longer,” the report continues.

Many Americans now feel that the country is moving in the wrong direction.

“Alongside declining public approval of the president, there also has been a sharp decline in Americans’ overall sense of where the country itself is headed. This week, only one in four Americans (26%) believe the country is headed in the right direction, down from 39% in the June 5-9 poll. Six in ten (60%) see the country as on the wrong track, up from 48% in the same June poll.”

[h/t The Daily Wire]