BEIJING JOHNNY: Kerry Admits Many Solar Panels Are Made by ‘Forced Slave Labor’ in China

‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry publicly admitted this week that some solar panels used around the world to fight global warming are in fact produced by forced, “slave labor” in China; mostly among the Muslim-Uyghur community.

“Some say that the Chinese Communist Party is committing genocide against the Uyghur-Muslim population… You recently said that we have other differences with China on human rights, but that can’t get in the way with dealing with climate,” said Rep. McCaul.

“We believe they’re using slave labor to create these renewable energy sources. How can you assure us that this quest we’re on, that slave labor is never part of the climate solution?” he asked.

“You’re absolutely correct. It is a problem. They produce solar panels that we believe are being produced through forced labor,” admitted Kerry.

Watch his admission above.