BEHIND ENEMY LINES: Why California is the Most Patriotic State in America – PART 1

By Emily Barsh aka @EmilyTVProducer 

This is a series of dispatches from behind enemy lines, here in the failing, broken state of California. You already know how corrupt and how ‘communist’ the once-Golden State has become. But you may not realize that amid this bastion of woke ignorance and cultish allegiance to a neo-Marxist government, you will find the fiercest, most dedicated and diverse adherents to the U.S. Constitution and to our nation’s founding principles. 

In fact, our patriots are so inured to the hostility and never-ending assault on liberty, that when those who seek to destroy us double-down…we triple-down right back. 

Meet, Nils Grevillius, a California warrior who refuses to give up the fight. 


I was raised by a prairie populist FDR fan and a debutante of the Canadian American Industrial Aristocracy….my father and mother, respectively. Their fond hope was that I’d be an Ivy League Centered lawyer, academic or engineer, of the Good Government Style once entrenched in the Democrat Party. Never one much for school, I enlisted in the Army on my 17th birthday, firmly believing that Jimmy Carter would take decisive action to curb Revolutionary Iran in 1980. Alas…he folded like a moth-chewed suit.

My father, a veteran of WW2 and Korea, long viewed his party…Truman, JFK, LBJ as those best disposed to fight communism.  Mother, ever an intuitive Patty Hearst, was certain that Fidel Castro and Patsy Schroeder were God-sent to save the GOP-afflicted around the globe. My first presidential vote I cast for the former leader of a labour union, a one-time Democrat, who rose from governor of our Golden State to President of the United States.  It was Ronald Reagan’s leadership, and that of Margaret Thatcher and John Paul II, that vanquished Soviet Communism, in a series of deft moral moves with uncomplicated rhetoric and a commitment to democracy the globe over. Yet, a Democrat I remained.

In 1988, I met a ‘conservative’ democrat, running for president, who told me when we shook hands “I carried an M16, just like you did.  I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran and I want your vote.” Albert Gore wasn’t anymore honest in 1988 than he is today, and he hadn’t yet embraced Global Warming* as the confidence game by which he might make himself wealthier, or climb the ladder of power in a party that was taking on the dimensions and dementia of a sick cult.  His facile lie was enough to make me leave the Democrat party, and I drifted, with Libertarian tendencies, casting an independent ballot, until 1992.

Self-employment as a private detective had me confront some hard realities, and I at last joined the GOP.  I had come to view the GOP, ideally, as a labour union for women and men who take risks….entrepreneurs and the self-employed.  Ideally, I say advisedly.  Too often the party is happy to ooze into bed with Wall Street and the Defense Industrial Complex. As of 2021, both are the spinning, lit up casino of the Democrat cult.

Off and on since 1970, California has been my home; and in that time, I have seen it transformed from an exciting, innovative bastion of free thinking risk takers, to a plantation run in a mirror image of Mexico, by a wealthy elite, and their clients within Government Labour Unions. The schools are expensive, yet dead last; the infrastructure crumbling, while billions are transferred to the ruling class under the guise of a railroad which serves only their corrupt interests; intense social stratification along the lines of race, orientation, gender, and status.  Illegal alien criminals are not just protected in this state, but they hold equity in the ruling party like a parasite in a dying animal. As of this writing, I can still find the majority-political media fictionalizing Republican culpability for dereliction, crime, failed schools, disasters, lack of water, and the price of housing – while they simultaneously supplicate and reflexively fellate the Plantation Class Democrats. They may as well be licking the derelict frosting from the emerald sidewalks of San Francisco, for the perfidy they publish in text, context and subtext.

A prima facie case for what these greasy bandits have done can be found in our own Black Community.  The Democrats running California made a lot of noise and blather about representing the interests and concerns of that community, but what they actually did was take three generations of working class Black Homeowners in South Central Los Angeles, and convert them to impoverished Section 8 renters in the 909, 760 and 951 area codes.  The same occurred under Democrat ‘leadership’ in The East Bay and San Diego. Who owns those homes now?  Illegal aliens from Central America. And the con game continues with the same posse of billionaire developers, donating to Brown, Newsom, Pelosi, Steinberg, Garcetti, etc. ad nauseum. The difference between what they say and what actually occurs is staggering.  And who drives their getaway car?  The LA Times….The SF Chronicle, The Sacramento Bee, and The San Diego Union Tribune.

This is my home, so I will stay and fight.  If California can be wrecked in a single generation, using the nine-step California Model for Election Fraud, it can also be renewed within a generation. Never, ever surrender. 

Nils B. Grevillius, #GSRA

Golden State Rebel Alliance