DEADLOCK! Conservative Congressman Explains Why He Will Continue to Vote ‘No’ on McCarthy

On Wednesday, California Congressman Kevin McCarthy continued to struggle to gain enough votes to secure the Speaker of the House’s office.

Rep. Chip Roy of Texas is one of twenty Republican lawmakers that are voting ‘no’ on McCarthy’s nomination. Roy joined The First TV’s Dana Loesch on Wednesday to explain why he will continue to hold out.

Watch Chip Roy give his explanation below:

Amongst the reasons for the continued deadlock, Roy explained, were smears against the holdouts and and their demands and threats against dissident lawmakers.

“What we’re trying to say is we have to get the structural changes if we’re going to be able to rally around Kevin and we haven’t gotten there yet,” Roy told Loesch. “Here’s the conundrum…there’s currently a block that are hard no on Kevin and it’s bigger than it was two days ago because of the way they handled the Republican conference meeting yesterday and the way that they’ve messaged about what the ‘asks’ were from those people…I am also much more frustrated than I was when Mike Rogers threatened us with pulling us off committees because we said ‘look, we’ve made a lot of progress but we’re not there yet. “

Roy went on to say that people need to be patient and let the process play out.

“The reality is that we’re having the debate we aught to have and I’ve just been telling people, ‘you’ve gotta, to some degree, be patient with sausage making,” Roy said. “It’s an unusual situation and it’s a good thing for 435 people to be in the chamber and we’re actually having speeches and debate. We’re hoping to restore that.”