#BARESHELVESBIDEN: Twitter Trashes Biden for Never Ending Supply Chain Crisis

Months into the supply chain crisis, and Biden can’t get it together. #BareshelvesBiden was trending on Twitter – peaking at number 6 – as folks vented their frustrations, sharing pictures of empty shelves in their favorite markets.

“Surging demand for goods coupled with COVID-induced manufacturing and shipping stresses have been blamed for many of the shortfalls, along with wintry weather hitting large swaths of the country. The U.S. and other countries have also experienced shortages in truckers, port employees and other key occupations, again related to the global pandemic and quarantine rules,” the Washington Times reports.

Twitter user posted photos of different grocery stores in Maryland with store shelves cleared out.

“It’s hard to tell that the supply chain pressures have peaked,” White House Port Envoy Jon Porcari told reporters. “I think what is clear is that the pandemic laid bare what was the underlying reality, which was that the supply chain was stressed even before the pandemic.”