BANNING THE BIDENS: Russia Says Joe’s Wife and Daughter Added to Country’s ‘Stop List’

In response to a new round of incoming sanctions, Russia has decided it’s going to ban President Biden’s wife, FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden, and his daughter from entering the country; they have been added to the “stop list,” according to Russian officials.

From Newsmax…

The Foreign Ministry said 25 names were being added to the country’s “stop list” including Biden’s wife Jill and daughter Ashley.

It also banned entry to four senators whom it identified as “responsible for the formation of the (U.S.) Russophobic course:” Republicans Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins and Ben Sasse and Democrat Kirstin Gillibrand.

The list also includes prominent academics including Francis Fukuyama, noted for his book “The End of History and the Last Man” that posited the spread of liberal democracies could mark the ultimate development of society.