BANNING THE BEE: Conservative Satire Site Babylon Bee Banned From TikTok

Here’s the buzz.

According to The Dialy Wire, Christian satire site The Babylon Bee has been banned from TikTok; the site’s social media manager shared a screenshot of the ban screen on Twitter.

“the babylon bee got banned on tiktok without being given a reason and with no option to appeal. welcome to big tech in 2022,” she posted.

Bee CEO Seth Dillon also shared the image, calling out other Big Tech companies that have censored the conservative news sources recently.

“Tech companies are continuing to censor us. Some recent examples,” Dillon tweeted.

From The Daily Wire…

TikTok is owned by Chinese-based ByteDance. “Last year, the Chinese government-owned firm acquired a minority stake in the company’s main subsidiary, Beijing ByteDance Technology, according to the South China Morning Post,” the Washington Times reported.

In addition to the new TikTok ban, Dillon revealed in March that the Christian satire site had been locked out of its Twitter account for “hateful conduct.” According to Dillon, the company wrote: “Our support team has determined that a violation did take place, and therefore we will not overturn our decision.”

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