BANDAID ON A GUNSHOT WOUND: Blackburn Blasts Biden for ‘Desperate’ Oil Reserves Move

The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board released an op-ed highlighting the ineffectiveness of Biden’s plan to tap U.S. oil reserves to relieve pain at the pump. The article, entitled A Strategic Political Petroleum Release, says “Biden tries everything to cut gas prices, except what would work.”

“His latest gambit on Thursday was to say he’ll release 180 million barrels from the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the next six months. This would be the biggest release in history and reduce the reserve to its lowest level since 1984. But the oil will need to be replaced, which will push up future demand,” WSJ says.

“Meantime, the Administration is seeking to ease sanctions on America’s enemies in Venezuela and Iran, though neither oil producer can compensate for reduced Russian oil exports in the short term. Easing sanctions would merely give their regimes more money to create problems for the U.S. and its allies,” WSJ adds.

Biden’s move to tap the oil reserves was mostly met with unenthusiastic yawns and criticism from prominent members of the GOP. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) shared the WSJ on Twitter, saying, “Joe Biden is releasing oil in a desperate attempt to put a bandaid on his failing agenda and the sky-high gas prices he created.”

In order to fix skyrocketing gas prices, the consensus among GOP members is to unleash America’s full energy-producing potential. But with Biden in deep to the lefties in his party, green initiatives will continue to block common sense policy decisions.