VILE VIEW: Hosts of The View Justify Assassination Attempt on Lee Zeldin

So it’s okay if you’re targeted to be killed as long as you’re hated by the left?

During Wednesday’s taping of The View, co-host Sunny Hostin made an outrageous claim while discussing GOP New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.

From The Daily Wire:

“Crime is rough everywhere, it’s happening everywhere,” Goldberg insisted, adding, “And what I wanted from Lee Zeldin, I wanted a plan.”

Hostin went on to claim that people only really cared about violent crime, adding, “They don’t care about broken window crimes, they really don’t care about that as much, they care about violent crimes.”

Griffin pushed back, noting that Zeldin himself had been the victim of an assassination attempt at a recent campaign stop — and Hostin appeared to shrug that off: “He’s hated, that’s true.”

Griffin’s reaction was immediate and visible. “Well, that’s not okay, though, that’s horrifying!” she exclaimed, throwing up her hands in protest.

Hostin backpedaled quickly, explaining, “No, I’m not saying it’s ok, but he is divisive …”