BACK TO SCHOOL: DeSantis to Get Involved in School Board Races, Stomp Out Woke Ideology

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making education a big part of his re-election efforts this fall. Team DeSantis announced the DeSantis Education Agenda Tour; a “student-first, parent-centered initiative focused on setting Florida’s children up for success, ensuring parental rights in education, and combatting the woke agenda from infiltrating public schools,” the governor’s office said.

According to Just The News, “[DeSantis] announced a statewide tour and his intention to get involved in local school board races through endorsements.”

The Florida governor’s website states his school agenda includes:

  • Keeping schools open and free from lockdowns.
  • Rejecting indoctrination like Critical Race Theory and gender ideology in curriculum.
  • Ensuring parental rights in school systems.
  • Expanding civics education.
  • Expanding workforce development and tech education.

More over at Just The News: