BABY TALK: Roy Describes Procedure to Abortion Doctor, She Gets Offended Over His Language —Not the Procedure

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) was accused of using “inflammatory language” by an abortion doctor during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday. Roy was simply describing a procedure she likely performs.

According to the Daily Caller, “Dr. Yashica Robinson, an Alabama-based OBGYN and pro-abortion advocate, admitted to having performed abortionsas late as 20-week. She refused to give a direct answer about how she handled human remains after abortions and criticized Roy’s phrasing.”

“The procedure for an abortion, when we’re talking about at 20 weeks, as I understand it, is dilation and extraction. Have you performed abortions in that stage and, in doing so, have you had baby parts that you’ve had to discard or store in some capacity?” Roy asked.

Robinson refused to answer, opting to dodge instead.

“One of the things you all have done throughout this hearing is just use inflammatory language as you talk about the care that we provide,” she said as Roy talked over her and continued to demand a direct answer. “I am a physician and a proud abortion provider. There is nothing that you can say that makes it difficult for me to talk about the care that I provide.”

Watch the clip below:

Stephen Miller, the former Senior Adviser to President Trump, commented on the story on Twitter:

“Imagine being more upset at the description of the gruesome life-ending procedure than the procedure itself.”