‘AS LONG AS IT TAKES’: Biden Expects Americans to Pay Premiums at the Pump Until Putin Defeated

While giving remarks in Madrid, Spain after the NATO Summit, President Biden revealed he expects Americans to pay premiums at the pump and suffer through the “Putin price hike” as long as it takes

“The war has pushed prices up,” one reporter asked Biden. “They could go as high as $200 a barrel, some analysts think. How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?”

“As long as it takes,” Biden responded, “so Russia cannot in fact defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine. This is a critical, critical position for the world. Here we are. Why do we have NATO? I told Putin that in fact, if he were to move, we would move to strengthen NATO. We would move to strengthen NATO across the board.”

The current average cost for a gallon of gas nationwide is $4.84.

Watch the clip below: