AOC’s Solution to Stopping Violent Crime? STOP BUILDING PRISONS!

Radical Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came-up with a unique solution to her home districts violent crime problem; saying we should simply stop building prisons.

“Blaming bail reform is not evidence-based! There’s no facts or data to back it up. We have an actual clinical approach to back it up. First of all, in the area of crime, it’s rife with this issue of correlation and causation!” said AOC.

“An extraordinarily high number of people responsible for hate crimes are suffering from severe mental health issues. And our complete gutting of support in our mental health system … is absolutely correlated with both homelessness and incidents of violent crime,” added the far-left Democrat.

“If we want to reduce the number of people in jails, the answer is to stop building more of them!”

“It’s not acceptable for us to use jails as garbage bins for human beings,” she concluded. “If we want to reduce violent crime, the answer is to make sure we build more hospitals, we pay organizers!”