ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN JERSEY: Second Grade Students to Learn Gender Identity

New Jersey will introduce new state curriculum standards in the fall that include lessons related to gender identity, Fox News reports. “The standards listed ‘performance expectations’ for second graders, which include discussing ‘the range of ways people express their gender and how gender role stereotypes may limit behavior.'”

“One school district in the state distributed sample lesson plans indicating first graders could be taught they can have ‘boy parts’ but ‘feel like’ a girl,” the report added.

From Fox News…

One lesson plan, “Purple, Pink and Blue,” instructs teachers to talk to their first graders about gender identity, and its first objective is to have the students be able to define “gender, gender identity and gender role stereotypes.”

The lesson’s second objective is to have students name “at least two things they’ve been taught about gender role stereotypes and how those things may limit people of all genders.”

“Gender identity is that feeling of knowing your gender. You might feel like you are a boy, you might feel like you are a girl,” the lesson plan states. “You might feel like you’re a boy even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘girl’ parts. You might feel like you’re a girl even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘boy’ parts.

“And you might not feel like you’re a boy or a girl, but you’re a little bit of both. No matter how you feel, you’re perfectly normal!”

New Jersey’s GOP leaders are sharing parents’ outrage:

“It’s simple. Gov. Murphy thinks he knows better how to parent your children than you do,” Alexandra Wilkes, the New Jersey GOP’s communications director, told Fox News Digital.

“The shocking, graphic materials taught to children barely old enough to read and write fly in the face of the Democrats’ insistence on the campaign trail last fall that critics of these new standards were exaggerating or even bigoted for raising concerns in the first place.”