ANYONE BUT KAMALA: Dems’ Midterm Hopes on Veep Despite Plummeting Popularity

According to a new report from The Hill, Democrats see Kamala Harris as a major player in the midterm elections. Dems are looking to hang on to slim majorities and think the Veep is the x-factor they need.

“She is very popular with the base. She is particularly strong with women and with young people. Turn out for young people is going to be critical for the midterms and it is uncertain,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. “Between turnout and swing independent women, I would think she would be quite aggressive because of her own appeal and popularity.”

But according to polling data, Kamala Harris is viewed unfavorably by the majority of Americans. The Real Clear Politics average:  40.8% Favorable, 50% Unfavorable (-9.2 spread).

Kamala has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons lately, including her mishandling of the border and Politico’s bombshell report about the disastrous state of her office. But members of her inner circle don’t see this as a problem.

“I think her coverage is better [now] for sure,” said one Harris ally. “Though I think that’s largely due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control. She had bad luck a few months ago and Biden has had some bad luck recently. A lot of politics is random.”