ANTISEMITE SQUAD: Tlaib, Omar, AOC Introduce Bill to Mark the ‘Catastrophic’ Creation of Israel

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and other so-called members of ‘The Squad’ introduced legislation this week that would mark the “catastrophic” creation of the state of Israel following the Second World War.

From Fox News:

The resolution was submitted a week and a half after Israeli Independence Day, which coincides with Palestinian commemoration of Nakba Day. It calls for the U.S. to “commemorate the Nakba through official recognition and remembrance,” while claiming that this “refers not only to a historical event but to an ongoing process of Israel’s expropriation of Palestinian land and its dispossession of the Palestinian people that continues to this day.”

“The Palestinian people since the 48 Nakba have been living under oppression and violent racism. Silence + blank checks enables more death and violence,” Tlaib tweeted.”

“The Nakba is well-documented and continues to play out today. We must acknowledge that the humanity of Palestinians is being denied when folks refuse to acknowledge the war crimes and human rights violations in apartheid Israel,” she added.