ANTI-CRT MOM SILENCED: School Board Grabs Mic from Parent, Police Escort Her Out

The battle for our children’s education rages on.

During a recent school board meeting in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a concerned parent was cut off while expressing concerns about CRT. The school board president pulled the mic away from her, then had security escort her out of the building.

“When she proceeded to ask whether or not teachers were being taught critical race theory, the West Chester school board president Chris McCune said, ‘Anita, you’re at time.’ She pushed back, ‘No, no,’ prompting him to angrily say, ‘Yes you are.’ McCune approached Edgarian at the podium, took the microphone, faced Anita, and told her to leave,” Fox News reports.

Now, a GOP committee in West Chester is calling for McCune to resign or, at the very least, get his anger issues under control.

“In a letter released Sunday, the Republican Committee of Chester County in Pennsylvania called West Chester school board president Chris McCune’s conduct ‘reprehensible,’ and accused him of trying to intimidate the immigrant mom,’ the National Review reported.

“Since when do policemen haul off parents for exercising their 1st Amendment rights to free speech?” the letter asks.