ANOTHER MISTAKE: State Dept Sends Text to Americans in Afghanistan Then Withdraws It

The Biden administration continues to create confusion in Kabul. Americans received a text message alert from the U.S. Embassy yesterday issuing a final warning to people who wish to leave the country.

“THIS IS THE FINAL MESSAGE FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO WISH TO DEPART KABUL. American citizens who choose to remain in Afghanistan should be prepared to arrange their departure without assistance from the U.S. government,” the embassy texted Americans on Tuesday, The New York Times’ Catie Edmondson tweeted.

After 30 minutes, the message was recalled. The State Department spoke to The Daily Caller.

“We sent an email to American citizens earlier that was recalled for technical reasons,” a State Department spokesperson told the Daily Caller. “We shortly thereafter sent a revised email, and recipients should follow the instructions in that message. For security reasons, we are not going to get into further detail.”

What a mess.