‘AN INCOMPETENT FOOL’: Former NYC Police Commissioner Blasts Kamala for 9/11 Comparison

This may turn out to be Kamala’s biggest blunder yet.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik called Vice President Kamala Harris “an incompetent fool” for comparing the events of January 6th to the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

It’s absolutely sickening,” he told Newsmax Friday. “The political theatrics of this administration are sickening. But for her to compare the out-of-control  protests and trespassing on Jan. 6 to the terrorists’ attacks on 9/11 and the Pearl Harbor attack is repugnant.”

Kerik also sent a tweet calling the Veep “a disgrace.”

“VP @KamalaHarris‘ comparison to the out of control protest and trespassing on 1/6, to the attacks on America on Pearl Harbor and 9/11 where 5,380 Americans died, is nothing more than political theater by an incompetent fool. She is a disgrace to the office she holds. #september11

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich shared his opinion of Harris’ comments as well, calling the California education system into question.

“Her speech yesterday where she compared January 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 I think proved that California education is even worse than we thought,” Gingrich told Fox News.