AMERICA SECOND? Recent Poll Shows Half of Dems Think Securing Ukraine More Important Than Securing Southern Border

According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, Democrats are seemingly more concerned with defending Ukraine than defending our own southern border. “Almost two-thirds of Democrats believe that defending distant Ukraine from the Russian invasion is more important than defending America’s border, communities, and workplaces from illegal migrants,” Breitbart reports.

“Fifty-seven percent of Democrats say ‘Defending Ukraine against Russian invasion’ is ‘more important to America’s national interest’ than the alternative of “defending the U.S. border against illegal immigration.”  The February 23-24 survey included 1,000 likely voters.”

Looking at the GOP, we get quite a different picture.

“But GOP supporters favored defending the American border over Ukraine by four to one, or 74 percent to 18 percent. Ideological conservatives reported a similar 75 percent to 17 percent split.”