ALTERNATE REALITY: ‘The Squad’ Asks Biden to Resurrect ‘Build Back Better’ to Save the Climate

A group of 80 House Democrats sent a letter to President Biden this week urging the Chief Executive to renew negotiations for his failed ‘Build Back Better’ plan.

The trillion-dollar package was essentially killed by Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema who refused to sign off on the massive spending proposal.

“We write to thank you for your leadership in working to deliver the For The People Agenda to all Americans. Under your leadership, we passed several pieces of critical legislation to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic and to revitalize our economy. While these are significant steps forward, we still have more to achieve in accomplishing your vision for the next generation. As the leaders of the House Democratic Caucuses urged in a joint statement on March 1, we must take action on policies you have proposed to support American families and address the threat of climate change. The more than $555 billion in climate investments in the House-passed Build Back Better Act can serve as the building block to restart negotiations,” write the progressive legislators.

“Throughout 2021, we bore witness to the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, further illustrating why transformational action cannot wait. Inaction now will mean irreversible consequences for our future generations. Given the widespread agreement in the U.S. Senate for House passed climate provisions, we have an opportunity to recommence negotiations with climate serving as a key starting point,” they added.

“We are committed to working with you to realize the totality of the Building a Better America vision. Restarting negotiations with climate action is a clear path forward to deliver tangible results to the American people. Your leadership in these negotiations will ensure that we can pass on a safe, healthy, and vibrant society and planet to our children,” concluded the Democrats.

Read their full letter here.