ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT: Matt McConaughey Leads Texas Governor’s Race in New Poll

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey now holds a double-digit lead over incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott in a hypothetical head-to-head contest.

“Matthew McConaughey has said he would be a fool not to honestly consider running for governor in his home state of Texas. A poll released Sunday shows that the Academy Award-winning actor isn’t the only one considering the valid possibility of a McConaughey governorship,” reports USA Today.

“In a hypothetical contest, McConaughey garners 45% support, with Abbott getting 33% and 22% saying they would vote for someone else, according to the poll,” adds the website.

“I’m a ‘Meet You in the Middle’ man,” McConaughey said in March. “When I say ‘aggressively centric,’ that sometimes gets parceled over there with ‘Oh, that’s a shade of gray, a compromise.’ And I say, ‘B********. That’s a dare. Right now, that’s radical. You wanna be brave? Come on over here.’ Why? Because you got more agility, cause you got more adaptability. Because there’s different situations for different sides. Sometimes the left is better at this, sometimes the right. There’s different choices for different circumstances.”

“The left thinks the right’s racist and the right thinks the left’s socialist. Well, that ain’t true,” McConaughey said. “Then you go, well, the left is for empathy, compassion and solidarity; well the right’s for resilience and work ethic and responsibility. I’m like, I like all six of those. Those are values that our mamas taught us. The right and the left don’t have ownership of those, excluding the other side.”

h/t USA Today