‘ALMOST BIZARRO WORLD’: CNN Analyst Shreds Biden’s Claim That He Personally Reduced the Deficit

President Biden is trying to take credit for a $1.5 trillion dollar reduction in the federal deficit —but he may not deserve it according to CNN analyst Daniel Dale. Dale says Biden taking credit is “almost bizarro world” and a “reversal of reality.”

Dale stopped by CNN’s New Day to set the record straight.

“There is no doubt that the deficit has fallen under President Biden so far,” he said. “It was about $3.1 trillion under President Trump in fiscal 2020, it was about $360 billion lower than that, so about $2.8 trillion, in fiscal 2021 — mostly under President Biden.”

“Experts I spoke to still scoffed at the idea that President Biden is personally responsible for having reduced the deficit. In fact, one advocate of deficit reduction, Marc Goldwein of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, told me that this claim is almost bizarro world, a reversal of reality,” Dale continued.

Watch the Dale’s explanation below: