ACHES ON A PLANE: Feinstein Introduces Bill that will Require Proof of Vax to Fly

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is worried about holiday flights causing another COVID spike. Her solution: mandatory proof of vaccination status or negative test results before boarding.

“We can’t allow upcoming holiday air travel to contribute to another surge in COVID cases. Today, I introduced legislation requiring passengers on domestic flights to be vaccinated, test negative or be fully recovered from a previous COVID illness,” Sen. Feinstein tweeted.

“The bill would require the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Federal Aviation Administration, to develop national vaccination standards and procedures related to COVID-19 and domestic air travel in order to prevent future outbreaks of the disease,” the Senator’s website says.

“We know that air travel during the 2020 holiday season contributed to last winter’s devastating COVID-19 surge. We simply cannot allow that to happen again,” Feinstein says.

Willis Orlando, a Flight Expert at Scott’s Cheap Flights doesn’t see the problem with the proposed legislation, saying getting on a plane is “optional.”

“You’re choosing to do something optional, you don’t have to get on that plane, if you’re going to get on that plane, follow the airline’s rules and remember give the flight attendants a little bit of grace, they are working very, very hard right now,” Orlando says.