ACCOSTED! Jim Acosta Confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gets Absolutely Torched

CNN anchor Jim Acosta got more than he bargained for in a recent showdown with Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Acosta claims he was just trying to get answers —MTG shuts him down, repeatedly calling him a liar.

“You know Jim, you have a show, and, in all fairness, you try to present this image of me to your viewers and it’s just really not correct,” she says.

“Well, we’re just trying to get some answers,” Acosta replies.

MTG shared the confrontation on Twitter, saying “I am repulsed that people gladly take a paycheck to lie and mischaracterize me like this guy, Jim @Acosta. I want to think good things about the press, but they behave like this and it makes me sick to my stomach.”

Watch the clip below: