ABBOTT ON MIGRANT BUSES: We’ve Sent 45 —Let’s Go For 450

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) has sent 45 migrant buses from the southern border to Washington D.C. —and he plans on sending a lot more. Abbott made the pledge during a recent border security press conference.

“We’re up to our 45th bus now; when you add a zero to that I think that Washington D.C. is going to soon find out they’re going to be dealing with the same consequences we’re dealing with,” he said.

“One thing we know for a fact is that there are maybe as many as 100,000 migrants who are across the border waiting to cross into Texas,” Abbot noted. “The Biden administration seems to be letting in people whether they’re crossing through the port of entry or across the river.”

Abbott says no one from the Biden Administration has reached out to him to help solve the crisis.

“The czar for the border, Kamala Harris, has never once tried to contact me,” he added.

“My last contact with [Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas was something like in February a year ago,” Abbott said. “They have no interest in talking to Texas or talking to leaders who are actually on the border. Remember Joe Biden himself has never even been to the border.”