‘A WIMP FEST’: Watch Sen. Kennedy Blast Biden’s Response to the War in Ukraine

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) stopped by Fox News’ Hannity to blast President Biden on his response to Putin’s I invasion of Ukraine. “President Biden’s economic response to the invasion, and military response to the invasion, in my judgment, has been a wimp fest,” Kennedy says.

“Let’s take it first militarily. President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people are holding their own on the ground. They need air cover. Today President Zelensky said, ‘Can you please help me get planes, can you please help me get surface-to-air missiles? I’m not asking for American planes or pilots or troops. Help me with your allies,” he added.

“President Biden’s response is the same as it always is. I’ll get back to you in three to five business days, and he never gets back.”

Watch the clip below: