‘A LOSER ISSUE’: Bill Maher Blasts Student Loan Forgiveness, Not Helping Dems Win Working Class

Well, he’s not wrong.

During his most recent episode of Real Time, host Bill Maher went off on student loan forgiveness; Maher says it’s a “loser issue” for Democrats and won’t help them win back the working class.

“The Democrats have this idea that you are a better person if you sit in class more and more and get more and more degrees,” Maher said. “And really the answer is not to make college cheaper. It’s to make it more unnecessary because most of it is bulls*** anyway.”

“We who didn’t go to college and didn’t benefit from that are gonna subsidize you to get your degree in gender studies and sports marketing and all the other bulls***,” Maher said. “I think it’s a loser issue.”

Watch the clip below:

Far left progressives are still insisting that it’s a simple thing —Biden can do it with “the stroke of a pen.”

“Cancelling student debt would provide millions of Americans with relief, and the more we cancel, the more we narrow the racial wealth gap among borrowers and the bigger the boost to Americans’ economic futures. @POTUS can do it with the stroke of a pen,” Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said.