‘A IS FOR ACTIVIST’: 3rd Grade Lesson Plan Slams Democracy, Promotes Communism

What’s black and white and red all over? A Virginia elementary school lesson plan.

A website registered to the Virginia Department of Education has a link to A is for Activist – a book for children that promotes communist ideals while criticizing our democratic government.

According to The Daily Wire, “the book calls for students to become ‘abolitionists’ and blends indoctrination with learning to read. ‘C is for Co-Op. Cooperating Cultures. Creative Counter to Corporate Vultures. Oh, and cats. Can you find the cats?’ it says.”

“Allusions to communism continue throughout the book. ‘Radical Reds!’ the headlines said, one page mocks. ‘M stands for May Day,’ it says, referring to the holiday created by the Marxist International Socialist Congress,” DW reports.

Then, the book goes after Republicans and Democrats, showing an illustration of a red elephant and blue donkey with the phrases “Dictators Detest it. Donkeys Don’t get it.”

And kids won’t want to miss the exciting conclusion: “U is for Union. Union yes!” and “Z is for Zapitista of course,” a reference to the Zapatista National Liberation Front, a group of violent, masked socialist rebels in Mexico.

The lesson plan also tackles police shootings with the book Something Happened in Our Town. After a white police officer kills a black man, a young black boy asks his family about it. The dad’s response: “He won’t go to jail” and “They Don’t Like Black men.”

Gone are the days of Judy Blume and Roald Dahl – it’s time for Communism and CRT.