A FEW WOKE MEN: Army Vet Says Left Will Try to ‘Defund the Military’ Next

We’re already seeing woke-ism in the ranks – but defunding the military?

Army veteran and Texas congressional candidate Wesley Hunt dropped by Fox News to share his reaction to a Washington Post column by Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Md. In his column, Brown says the criminal justice reform movement can’t “ignore the military.”

Hunt thinks this is dangerous territory:

“When we were in the military, performance is what mattered. It didn’t matter what you looked like. My sister went to West Point, I went to West Point, so did my brother. We could all speak to what service means to us personally and it had nothing to do with what we looked like. 

But I also think this is actually a push to defund our military. We have divided our country by trying to defund the police and I think the next push is to defund the military, defund the D.O.D. And where does it end? And that’s why it’s very important for us to take back the House here in 2022, to stop this push.”

Read the full transcript and watch the segment over at Fox News.