‘A CONSTITUTIONAL RESET’: Graham Praises Roe Decision, Calls it a ‘Day to Celebrate’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called into The Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the Roe v. Wade bombshell opinion officially released by the Supreme Court on Friday. Graham calls the decision a “constitutional reset’ and ‘a day to celebrate.’

LINDSEY GRAHAM: I think this is a constitutional reset for conservatives. It’s a day to celebrate the issues surrounding life, when it begins and how to deal with the unborn will be decided by elected officials. It should have been that way before. It was that way till 1973. But let’s take a minute to go over this one. So many people have been laboring and toiling in the fields for decades to fix Roe. Fighting for conservative justice has paid off. Two of the five were Bush 41, Bush 43. The other three came from President Trump. Remember Clarence Thomas? How we had to fight for him? Remember Kavanaugh, how we had to fight? Now remember Alito, where they tried to call him a racist? It goes on and on. … Amy Coney Barrett is just a stellar pick. 

So how did we get here today? Over the last 50 years, conservatives, pro-life activists, have been fighting to get conservative judges on the court. And the liberals have tried to destroy these judges, but we won the day. What does it mean substantively? It means that the constitutional theory that led to Roe v Wade has been rejected. … There’s nothing in the Constitution about it. So this is a reset. This is a constitutional reset. And it’s a day to celebrate. 

Graham also shared his thoughts on Twitter, giving a special shout out to Minority Leader McConnell.

“On this historic day where there has been a major constitutional reset, it is time to reflect on the people who worked so hard to bring this day about. No one person has done more to get conservative judges on the Supreme Court than @LeaderMcConnell.”