A BOOST FOR BLAKE: Libertarian Candidate Drops Out of Senate Race in AZ, Backs Masters

Things just got intersting in Arizona.

According to a New York Times report, Libertarian candidate Marc Victor has dropped out of the Senate race in Arizona; Victor was expected to siphon votes from GOP candidate Blake Masters.

Now, he’s backing him,

This is another major boost of momentum as we consolidate our support,” Mr. Masters said in a statement to The New York Times.

“I found Blake to be generally supportive of the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement,” Mr. Victor said in a statement. “After that discussion, I believe it is in the best interests of freedom and peace to withdraw my candidacy and enthusiastically support Blake Masters for United States Senate.”

“Marc Victor, the Libertarian candidate, and Mr. Masters spoke on Monday for a 20-minute recorded conversation that Mr. Victor is expected to publish, according to a person familiar with the conversation. Mr. Victor had made such a conversation a precondition to quitting, technically offering such an opportunity both to Mr. Masters and to Mr. Kelly,” The New York Times reports.

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