The real (and scary) reason behind the Left’s destruction of statues

Bill O’Reilly on Monday made a very important point on his new hit show “No Spin News,” revealing the real reason behind the countless examples of leftist radicals destroying statues of historical American figures. And it has to do with rebuilding our country’s founding.

Portland – George Washington

Bill said Portland is a beautiful city “but it’s radical left.” That’s why a 93-year old statue of George Washington was destroyed and it seems that no one is going to be held accountable for it.

New York – Teddy Roosevelt

In New York City, Mayor Bill deBlasio capitulated to the far left by agreeing to remove the Teddy Roosevelt statue, calling it “denigrating.” Bill responded saying, “I’ve seen that statue 100 times and I haven’t seen any denigration at all. Teddy Roosevelt was not a racist.”

San Francisco – Ulysses S. Grant

No one is spared from the rage mob, even the General who defeated the confederacy and slavery! According to the loons, Bill said, Grant was a slave owner. The problem? He wasn’t.

Bill summarized the reason behind all the madness saying,

“If you can persuade the American people that the Constitution of the United States was forged by White Supremacists, Bill argues. “…you can throw out the Constitution and get a new one!”

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