The hypocrisy of the Left’s war on western civilization

Dana Loesch exposed the hypocrisy of the left’s war on western civilization on Monday by pointing out the questionable origins of some of their own institutions.

Case in point: New York is named after James Stewart, the Duke of York, who Dana explained was “the biggest slaver in colonial American history.”

“So why isn’t anybody going after the name of New York?” Dana asked.

The Left’s hypocrisy was further exposed after a movement started circulating on Twitter to “cancel” Yale University, since the school is named after another slave owner, Elihu Yale. While the movement was actually started by conservatives as a joke, Dana said that if the Left is going to be consistent then the progressive university has got to go.

“So are they gonna change Yale’s name? Because all of this– none of this means anything unless there’s consistency. If they don’t change Yale, if they don’t change the city of New York’s name, and if they don’t get Ralph Northam, the blackface governor, out of office, then why should another damn statue be removed? Why should anything else be done?”

Watch Dana pick apart the “woke” mob: