Pulling the curtain back on the “BLM” Organization

Some Americans seem unwilling or incapable of differentiating between the phrase “black lives matter” and the organization “Black Lives Matter.”

Bill O’Reilly shed some much-needed light on the matter this week when he exposed the group as a global, for-profit organization whose founders are self-proclaimed “trained marxists.”

According to the Washington Times, liberal mega-donor George Soros has donated $33 million to the “Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Bill also pointed out that only 29% of donations go to advance the cause, so to speak. The other 71% simply goes to fund salaries, benefits, or consulting fees.

It’s a “shrewd” maneuver, O’Reilly explained, that is allowing the organization to qualify for tax-deductible donations thanks to the support of another shady group.

“Money is going right into these people’s pockets. And they’re marxists!”