On media mistakes of the Trump Era, Benghazi coverage and more – Fourth Watch Podcast with Lara Logan

Lara Logan entered the media world for Americans almost 20 years ago, as a foreign correspondent right after 9/11. Her career path took her around the globe, to CBS News, now to Texas, and to FOX Nation, as host of “Lara Logan Has No Agenda.” Logan joins me for the fourth episode of The Fourth Watch Podcast, to talk about her life and career – and what the media of the Obama Era and the Trump Era. Listen to the interview, subscribe and follow, rate and review if you like it – find it on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Some quotes below:

On media mistakes in the Trump Era: “Because they have information dominance, they just get away with it. Because there’s no accountability, most of the media just moves on.”

On what the media missed about Benghazi: “It’s fantastic that we have this narrative that the Obama administration was scandal free…no one will, not just report on Benghazi, but no one is even looking at what happened in Libya. We’ve just given a pass to every political entity involved in that.”

On surviving horrific attacks in Egypt: “I’m a person who is able to put things instantly into perspective and context. That’s just my DNA. I understood from the very first moment that this wasn’t about me.”