Jesse Kelly unleashes epic takedown of Tim Kaine’s ridiculous comment

The First’s Jesse Kelly absolutely unloaded on Sen. Tim Kaine, who this week offered some revisionist history comments on the floor of the Senate.

“The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody, we created it,” Kaine said. “And we created it over centuries. In my lifetime, we have finally stopped some of those practices but we’ve never gone back to undo it.”

Kelly hilariously rebuked of Kaine.

“That is, without question, the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life and, without question, the dumbest thing on the floor of the United States Senate,” he said. “It’s not even just dumb, it’s so historically illiterate Tim Kaine should honestly consider getting himself checked out by a professional.”

Watch the epic takedown that every American needs to see: