Is this Republican governor a future president?

Jesse Kelly is not easily impressed, especially by politicians, but when it comes to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis he told his audience Wednesday to “keep your eye on this guy.”

The Republican firebrand won a competitive race against Democrat Andrew Gillum who soon after found himself wrapped up in the drama surrounding a meth overdose in a hotel room with a male prostitute.

Jesse played the video of Gov. DeSantis calmly but assertively pushing back against the media’s “shut everything down” narrative as coronavirus cases spike amid the reopening of the economy.

Kelly said he has been impressed by DeSantis’ refusal to “race to the middle” and moderate himself in a “purple state.”

Only time will tell but the importance of Florida to the electoral college alone is reason enough to consider him as a contender in 2024.

Could this be the next Republican president?