‘I’M NO EXPERT’: Biden Predicts the Fall of MSNBC, CNN —Says FOX ‘Okay for a While’

Well, Joe really got into the weeds with this one.

President Biden offered up his thoughts on the future of cable news networks – unprompted – during yesterday’s press conference after Yahoo News reporter Alexander Nazaryan asked him about school closures.

According to the Daily Wire, Nazaryan “fed Biden a softball question about whether ‘Republicans will weaponize this narrative’ that Democrats allowed public schools to remain closed over COVID-19 concerns. “Could school reopenings or closures become a potent midterm issue for Republicans to win back the suburbs?” he asked.

Biden said “it could be” but called the charge “outlandish.” Then, he went completely off road.

“And one of the things I find fascinating that’s happening, and you all deal with it every day — and it will impact on how things move — is that a lot of the speculation and the polling data shows that the, um, that the, uh, cables are heading south. They’re losing viewership,” Biden said. “Fox is OK for a while, but it’s not great. And a lot of the rest are predicted to be not very much in the mix in the next four to five years. I don’t know if that’s true or not. But I do know that we have sort of put everybody in — put themselves in certain alleys, and they’ve decided that, you know, how many people who watch MSNBC also watch Fox another politician trying to find out what’s going on in both places.” 

“Again, I’m no expert in any of this, but the fact is, I think you have to acknowledge that what gets covered now is necessarily a little bit different than what gets covered in the past,” Biden added. 

Fox News was quick to remind Americans that its doing just fine.

“Year over year, Fox News surged 11% in total day viewership last week and secured 73 out of the top 100 cable telecasts. Fox News also marked 22 straight weeks defeating the ratings of CNN and MSNBC combined,” Fox reported.

“Meanwhile, MSNBC is down 62% in total day viewership compared to the same week in 2021. CNN had even a rougher time, plummeting nearly 80% in total day viewership since a year ago.”