How the Left has destroyed faith and family

During an important discussion on “True Story” this week, host Mike Slater decried what the Left has done to the institutions of faith and family. As Mike puts it, there are three fail-safes in our society: God, community and family.

The Left, though, has “removed” them, and that leaves us with only one thing left: the police and law and order. And that leads to “chaos.” Removing the police as many progressives are now calling for leads to “total chaos.”

And yet that’s what the Left is pushing for.

“We are all sinners in a broken world,” Slater explained, noting the need for the police. “We gotta stop with this progressive utopia non-sense… Just look how ‘CHAZ’ is going in Seattle!”

So what’s needed? Restraints.

Mike noted an important sermon from John MacArthur, who outlined four restraints of humanity in his sermon “How God Restrains Evil in the World”:

“So God had built into human life barriers, restraints — restraints to mitigate this evil, to mitigate this corruption, to subdue sinful passion and expression so that man could make a society and be civilized and enjoy His creation, and find happiness, and peace, and a measure of joy and gratitude. These restrains are absolutely critical.”

Pastor MacArthur concludes:

“Where these restraints function as God intended them to function life is good, people enjoy common graces, life is rich, and God is thanked. Where these restraints are assaulted, corrupted, diminished, rebelled against, society is on the brink of self-destruction. Basic to the well-being of humanity are these four powerful restraints.”

Watch Slater break down the four restraints we need TODAY below.