Guess who Minnesota wants to pay for the rioting damage…

Dana Loesch unleashed on Democrats Tuesday after the Minnesota Governor’s call for a disaster proclamation which would allow public funds to be used for riot-related repairs.

She was having none of it:

“You’ll see a damn riot if you try to get people to pay for the damage by lawlessness that you created, you coddled… I don’t work my ass off so that I can pay for the buildings that are burned by the Marxist-Anarchists…”

Loesch pointed out that the pandemic and rioting has exposed how poorly inner-cities have been managed by Democrats begging for bailouts.

“This is NOT the taxpayer’s responsibility,” Dana said. “And I’ll tell you, you wanna see a riot then you make taxpayers, who are already stretched to the hill, assume the loss for the lawlessness you encouraged.”

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