‘EMOTIONS IN PLACE OF AN ARGUMENT’: Buck Blasts Libs for Saying Sinema ‘On the Side of White Supremacy’

White supremacy? A bit of a stretch, no?

Conservative radio host Buck Sexton ripped into progressive Democrats for accusing Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema of being on the side of white supremacy for not supporting efforts to weaken the filibuster. Sexton spoke about it on The Faulkner Focus.

“This is absurd. It’s just emotions in place of an argument here when it comes to actual voting protections and procedures. The reality is they know this is not going anywhere. Sinema and Manchin aren’t going to change their minds on this. They’ve made that quite clear. Because it is about the filibuster in the Senate and the institution. And Democrats, as you remember, for four years under Trump pretended to care so much about the sacred institutions of our democracy. And now, all of a sudden, they’re willing to tear down those institutions in order to save them.”

“The ultimate goal here isn’t voting rights,” Sexton continues. “It isn’t actually making sure that there is no discrimination in the voting procedures. It’s to give the Democrat base an excuse to feel morally superior to Republicans on this phantom issue of voter suppression, which they never actually give any evidence of. … They just want to point at Republicans and say, ‘If you don’t allow us to change the election laws like we did in 2020, which we said was an emergency for a pandemic, you are racist.’ That’s really what this comes down to. That’s all they have to offer the American voter going into the midterms. ‘We say the Republicans are racist, and you don’t want to be a part of that, do you?’ It’s a pathetic push. I hope it doesn’t work.”