Dana Loesch Calls Out NASCAR and destroys Democrats

Dana Loesch unleashed on NASCAR and Democrats in a blistering monologue during her show on Wednesday following the conclusion of a federal investigation that found there was no “noose” in a driver’s garage.

Astonishingly, the “noose” in question was found to be nothing more than a garage door pulley, but driver Bubba Wallace — who is black — is standing by the allegation by doubling down and calling the rope “a straight-up noose.”

Dana pulled no punches saying, “Screw NASCAR… screw you all to hell. I’m so tired of this stuff.”

Loesch said she could not care less about NASCAR after recent events and called them out for abandoning the sport’s fan base saying, “You allowed people that have been so loyal to you and so supportive of your brand to be run over and maligned and cast as racists.”

That’s when Dana delivered what may very well be the most brutal indictment of the Democrat Party in recent memory:

“I get it that white progressives, they want to virtue signal and they want to try to erase their systemic party racism. This is the party that fought against women voting. This is the party that fought for slavery. This is the party that supported segregation. This is the party that sent American-Indians on a trail of genocide. This is the party that enslaved and put in detention camps Japanese-Americans during world war two and you have the audacity and the balls to tell everyone else that they have historical baggage? Step the hell off! The Democrat Party is an embarrassment…”

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