Bill O’Reilly calls out ‘fake news’ CNN for ‘injustice’

Legendary talkshow host Bill O’Reilly called out CNN Thursday for “trying the case of the Atlanta cop on television,” something he says encapsulates injustice.

The officer in question is facing eleven felony charges and the possibility of the death penalty following the shooting of an intoxicated suspect who resisted arrest and stole the cop’s taser.

O’Reilly predicted that the officer will not be convicted, adding “but I’m not gonna try it on television because that would be brutally unfair…”

In contrast, he called CNN’s Wednesday program with Chris Cuomo “horrendous.”

“So, I watched this in horror,” Bill said. “You just don’t do this… you don’t have the evidence… it is immoral to do this.”

“You can report what people say,” he explained, “but you can’t use it for entertainment purposes which was what CNN was doing. That is an injustice.”