A biracial discussion on race and faith in America

Pastor Marcus Gil joined “True Story” guest host Billy Hallowell on Wednesday to discuss the current state of race and faith in America and how the two are related.

Billy asked Gil what it has been like to be a black pastor in the face of growing racial tensions in recent weeks. He admitted it has been “extremely difficult” due to an abundance of diversity in his life, and yet he has strived to effectively communicate that “I get both sides.”

Even amidst the difficulty, though, the pastor’s faith in America remains unshaken: “I have hope. I believe we are going to get past this and things are going to be better than ever before in our country.”

So what type of role does Gil see himself playing in these difficult times? It’s about emphasizing what’s most important.

“I always go to Jesus… he said ‘be of good cheer.’ So, my job is to constantly remind people that the life we live is not a life of just responding to what happens in this world.”