WILL JOE ANSWER THE CALL? Mass. Gov Asks for Federal Assistance with Migrant Influx

Hey, Joe —Massachusetts needs your help.

According to a report from The Epoch Times, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has asked the Biden Administration for help with the influx of migrant arrivals coming up from the southern border.

“Massachusetts is proud to welcome individuals and families seeking asylum and refuge and is dedicated to helping families live with dignity, but additional federal support is required,” he wrote. “Additional federal efforts would make obtaining employment opportunities and benefits easier for these individuals and help them build their lives and relieve the strain on the public services.”

From The Epoch Times:

In the fiscal year 2022, according to Baker, resettlement agencies based in the Bay State served 4,344 individuals, including over 2,000 Afghan humanitarian parolees, 822 Cuban and Haitian entrants, and 548 refugees.

Further, more than 400 individuals were reported by the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development to have entered shelter since July.

According to the Boston Herald, Baker recently received backlash for relocating illegal immigrants arriving in Massachusetts to hotels in Plymouth and Kingston due to the state’s overwhelmed shelter system.