WALKING DREAD: Washington Post Claims Climate Change Will Unleash Wave of ‘Zombie Viruses’ Buried Under Arctic Ice

The Washington Post issued a major warning on social media Friday, claiming climate change may soon unleash a wave of “Zombie Viruses” buried under Arctic Ice as the planet warms to record-high temperatures.

“’Zombie’ viruses are buried in the Arctic permafrost. European researchers warn they may increasingly be unleashed as global warming thaws it,” posted the WaPo on Twitter.

“The thawing of the permafrost due to climate change may exposea vast store of ancient viruses, according to a team of European researchers, who say they have found 13 previously unknown pathogens that had been trapped in the previously frozen ground of Russia’s vast Siberian region,” writes the author.

“The scientistsfound one virus that they estimated had been stranded under a lake more than 48,500 years ago, they said, highlightinga potential new danger from a warming planet: what they called‘zombie’ viruses,” adds the newspaper.