SEE YOU IN COURT: Hunter Biden Planning Potential Lawsuits Against Critics

Congressional Republicans are preparing to launch a number of investigations into Hunter Biden and his businesses once they take control of the House in 2023, but according to a report in The Washington Post the President’s son is not planning on taking it lying down.

The Post reports that Hunter and key allies have spent months strategizing on how to handle the “expected onslaught of investigations” by House Republicans, including potential defamation lawsuits against critics.

The Washington Post reports:

Hunter Biden’s friend and lawyer Kevin Morris was blunt in laying out his thoughts at a strategy session last September on an expected onslaught of investigations by House Republicans: It was crucial, Morris suggested, for Hunter Biden’s camp to be more aggressive.

Morris, at the meeting in his California home, described defamation lawsuits the team could pursue against the presidential son’s critics, including Fox News, Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani. He outlined extensive research on two potential witnesses against Hunter Biden — a spurned business partner named Tony Bobulinski and a computer repairman named John Paul Mac Isaac.

However, not everyone is too keen on the president’s son going on the offensive. Key Democrats, including the White House, believe Hunter should remain on the sidelines while Democrats work to paint the investigations in a negative light.

Some involved in these efforts argue that Hunter Biden and Morris should stay out of the limelight so Democrats can focus on painting the Republican investigations as a partisan political exercise. “No one thinks this strategy of putting Hunter Biden front and center is smart,” said one Democrat involved in the broader effort, who requested anonymity to describe private conversations. “No one, including the White House, thinks this is a smart strategy.”

No matter how (or if) Hunter Biden ultimately chooses to fight back, we can safely expect a wild ride when Republicans take over congress in 2023.