REPORT: Ex-CNN Boss Jeff Zucker Told Staff NOT to Probe Lab Leak Theory

An insider tells Fox News that CNN’s former boss Jeff Zucker instructed staff not to look into the theory that Covid-19 originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. According to the insider, Zucker feared that any investigation could lend credibility to what he considered a “Trump talking point.”

Fox News reports:

But in the early months of the pandemic, then-CNN president Jeff Zucker would not allow his network to chase down the lab-leak story because he believed it was a “Trump talking point,” according to a well-placed CNN insider.

“People are slowly waking up from the fog,” the insider told Fox News Digital. “It is kind of crazy that we didn’t chase it harder.”

Throughout Zucker’s tenure as CNN’s chief, he pulled what was once widely seen as a straight-news organization to an anti-Trump operation. CNN bent over backwards to knock down what former President Trump and members of his administration said lending credibility to the lab-leak theory, as the White House was deemed a nemesis by the network. 

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